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Commercial Pest Control Services

Ensure your property's pest problem isn't a problem that starts to affect your customers, your staff, your stock or your business operations. We can create a customized pest management program to suit your schedule and your requirements that causes minimal disruption to your 'business as usual' operations, while achieving effective on-going pest management.

You will deal directly with the same service technician for each treatment, guaranteeing consistency throughout your pest control program ... from someone who fully understands your business requirements.

With flexible scheduling times, our pest management programs, can be carried out in accordance with your industry standards or personal requirements.

Industrial Pest Control Services

In large facilities or businesses that deal with the public, it is important to maintain pest free facilities, equipment and industrial spaces. Domtech provides pest control to all kinds of Industries food or non-food, big or small.

We realize that you want to keep your employees and customers safe. Domtech Pest Control utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to service your industrial facility. We start with the least toxic pest control solution, while still providing effective pest control. We will not only help you fix your existing pest problem,but also work with you on pest prevention measures.